Monday, September 11, 2017

Snap commands

Here I want to list some of snap commands that I often use.

Also here is a website to understand all of snap commands:

Log on to a snap store:
lawchiu@localhost:~$ sudo snap login of "":
Login successful

Log out snap store:
lawchiu@localhost:~$ snap logout

Update snap:
lawchiu@localhost:~$ snap refresh
All snaps up to date
List installed snap:
lawchiu@localhost:~$ snap list
Name             Version       Rev   Developer            Notes
checkbox-snappy  2.2           859   ce-certification-qa  devmode
core             16-2.27.5     2774  canonical            core
hello            2.10          20    canonical            -
pc               16.04-0.8     9     canonical            gadget
pc-kernel        4.4.0-83.106  68    canonical            kernel

Remove snap:
lawchiu@localhost:~$ snap remove hello
hello removed

Find packages:
lawchiu@localhost:~$ snap find 

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