Monday, December 05, 2011


今天同事給了一個有關Wireless station roams時的行為討論,主要是在講到底什麼是PKC與OKC,實在是非常精闢的討論,故收藏起來,以供日後參考。

Proactive Key Caching (PKC) or Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC) - In the 802.11i specification there is a suggestion towards WPA2 Pairwise Master Key ID (PMKID) caching. PKC/OKC is one interpretation of this suggestion. The station remembers the PMKID from its initial BSSID with which it associated and authenticated. When the client roams to another BSSID it uses the original PMKID and hashes it with the new BSSID and comes up with new keys. It needs a centralised controller to distribute the PMKID out to the AP's to make it all work.

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